Thursday, August 18, 2005

hi all!

I emerge from the depths again! LOL Things have been busy here - as usual. We've had storms - apparently the other nigth a mini tornado went through town. Huh? Mum and I didn't know about it until my brother rang us from Chittering Valley(about 400kms away near Perth, West Aust.) to check that we were okay. last night I was all set to go and see Land of the Dead (last viewing), and heavy winds hit - this time Mum and I were aware! We packed the animals into the house, stored away what we could, and watched the manhole in the passage roof shift along. that was fun! I also now have to wait for Land of the Dead to come out on video *sigh*

The neighbour's cat is sleeping in our front room. Don't ask

Aislinn, the old tabby and white, is just getting over a sever bout of gastro, and Cara, the old ginger, is suspected of having cancer - but she's doing fine, no pain, and still eating and drinking, so we all keep tacking along. Pixie, Mum's female pekeingese, is at the vet right now with a UTI. the vet bill just keeps expanding LOL

Ummm...what else? Oh yeah, I'm halfway through my next WIP.

OH! Yeah! You gotta check out the new cover for Soul of the Forgotten, to be released in June 2006! Here's the link - scroll to the bottom of the page (there's onyl 2 covers on this page - it's the last cover:
thanks to Richard Stroud, who has done all the covers of my books. isn't this one fab???

Okay, that's it from me for now! Bye!

Angela Verdenius

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