Saturday, August 27, 2005

In the last two years I've lost a hard drive and then a motherboard. We (my guru geek and I) recovered most of my work on the hard drive, but the motherboard lost everything. I ended up redoing a mega bunch of files and addresses, etc. An electrical storm fried my motherboard but now I have a backup battery to prevent that from happening again. I dearly wanted to bury my precious board out under the river birch with my two parakeets and one guinea pig who rest in peace there, only bothered by an occasional lawn mowing. I succumbed to the environmental side of my brain screaming about what the nasty components would do the ground water.
I sympathize with all who have gone through the blue-screen-hell or the "can not reboot" message. My wife wants to sew the keyboard to my shirt so when I sit down, I will be ready to log on much more easily. Doesn't she realize that the way I spill food and drink during meals it would ruin my prized possession? Yes she does.


Josie said...

My husband also got me a backup battery after I lost a motherboard and then two hard drives. Sometimes I hate computers (but how hard the writing life would be without them!) It boggles my mind that War and Peace and other masterpieces were written by HAND!

Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

I heartily recommend having an external hard drive for backing up just about everything.

Josie said...

Definitely a good idea!