Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Nancy Brandt reporting from Baton Rouge, LA -

My daughter's school is still closed and for awhile I thought that was the only
problem we were going to feel from Hurricane Katrina. However, my van is running on
fumes right now and it's very difficult to find a station with gas. Also, we went to
the local grocery store tonight and even though I have put about eight meals in the
freezer in my attempt to be more frugal, my husband insisted that we stock up on
whatever we think we need so we don't have to go out any more than necessary. Of
course, with no gas in the car, that would be pretty hard anyway. The tough thing is
that I have a prescription that I have to have filled in the next couple of days. My
husband is going to try to find gas for his car tomorrow on his way to work and he's
taking a two gallon gas can that he uses for the mower and try to get some gas for

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