Monday, August 29, 2005

I join you in the prayers for the folks on the gulf coast that have had their world decimated. Kind of puts my day in proper prospective. Here's how it went:
Yesterday was a Stephen King kind of day.
While cooking supper Sunday night I noticed two yellow and black-striped insects buzzing my kitchen light. I batted them with my trusty flyswatter (two home runs) and continued with the grilled-cheese sandwiches. Then another insect buzzed me. I was leading 3 to 0. I decided to investigate the source of entry of my guests. In the adjoining room I discovered a batch of uninvited yellow jackets and I began to beat their little bodies against the wall calmly, okay not calmly, calling for my wife to locate the RAID. It was lost for some time but eventually we were able to spray the buggers dead and redecorate a portion of the white stucco walls with unattractive pecan colored spots. I was able to putty the entry hole and stem the tide of angry beasts, only suffering 4 puffy redmarks on parts of my body. I won the game 79 to 4 and never did get my %$*&%# grilled-cheese.
In my family this type of happening is referred to as 'Webb Luck'.

Mystery Author J D Webb,
Shepherd's Pie Nov 2006, Moon Over Chicago Mar 2007
published by Wings-press, Inc

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