Monday, September 26, 2005

My brother and his family are fine! My sister-in-law said they stayed up all night Friday and the noise from the storm was so loud they thought the roof would come off their house. She said it sounded like a freight train was right above them. I'm so happy they're safe! Sis said she started to drive down here with my niece, but she heard about people running out of gas and getting stranded on the side of the road. They warned drivers that no one would show up to refill their cars if they ran out of gas. So she decided to take her chances with the storm.

When I subbed at the elementary school today, I met two little boys from New Orleans. They looked like cherubs with their cute, dimpled smiles, light blond hair, and deep blue eyes. I asked them questions so I could listen to their beautiful accents. I like the way they pronounced New Orleans: N'awlins. And the way they pronouced sure: show. As in: "It show is hot down here in Texas, much hotter than N'awlins." They were sweet kids and they said everyone was friendly to them here in Austin. I talked to their mom and she also had that sweet, honey-voiced accent. She said she hopes she can get used to the Texas heat. I've lived in Texas my whole life and during the summer it feels like a blast furnace blowing on my face. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever get used to it! Especially today when I heard it was 107 degrees and it's almost October!


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