Monday, October 22, 2007

All righty - time for the heroines! LOL

I admit I can't stand heroines who are - how do they say - TSTL aka Too Stupid Too Live. These are the heroines that can't tie their own shoe lace without some big hunk to do it for them. Those who are warned not to do something for their own safety but then barge ahead because they don't want to be told what to do, end up in trouble, and have to rescued by the big he-man - over and over and over again.

So does that mean I don't like weak heroines? Not at all. It's the ATTITUDE that counts. Some heroines are physically weaker, depending on age, abilities, upbringing, etc. It's those who refuse to think before they act that I can't handle. And it's not the not thinking, I can handle that if it's once or twice, but not when she refuses to think EVERY TIME.

Okay, now we know what I don't like *guffaw*. So what do I like in a heroine?

She has to be gutsy, and if she isn't at first, she needs to learn to stand up for herself. Character growth. If she learns from what she's done wrong, I'm happy. I like humour, a strong sense of self, faith in herself...again, even if she hasn't got these to start with, if she develops it, I'm happy. It's watching a character grow and develop that's so interesting.

I like plus-sized heroines, too. Those who go through life and either love themselves and who they are, or learn to accept it and move on.

And heroines have to have what I consider main attributes...LOL...they must like animals! I'm sorry, it's just me. I love animals and I just think heroines (and heroes) have to as well. People not into animals might not agree, and that's okay. This blog is for us all, so tell us what you like!

But this is my little entry, so I can put what I like (hey, who says I'm bossy?!)

My own heroines are strong, if not physically, then mentally. They are loyal to those they love, have a sense of humour in their own way, and stand up for themselves. Learning to lean on someone else is something they're not so good at .

But those I really admire, both in fiction and real life, are those women who stand up for what they believe in, are kind and generous, and have faith in themselves.


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