Monday, October 22, 2007

Heroines - how feminine should they be?
What do you really think of heroines? Are they too sweet? Want to see some tougher chicks? Like the lady-like demeanor? What kind of heroine do you want to read about? What makes a heroine?
Readers and Authors - tell us what you really think!

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zoelovesmott said...

My type of heroine I look up to is a powerhouse of a nicely blended mix. Body shape or size isnt critical so long as she is tough. I choose to write my heroines as well built but try not to make them too perfect. Still, I do enjoy watching or visualizing the hot woman in her mid years, for my own peronal encouragement.

I like a fiesty woman who doesnt take any crap. She never backs down and gives her man a run for his money. When she gets herself into a jam she takes repsonsibility for it and uses her own brain to solve the dilemma, even if her beta hero does come to the rescue now and then.

I especially like the unpredictable woman, who no man can tame, and I also love a heroine who loves animals.

So she must be tough,think fast on her feet, takes no prisoners, gives men a good challenge and protects the life of animals at any cost. That's my heroine.

Elliot Love