Wednesday, December 19, 2007

10 Snowflakes Review for Rue the Day by Cat Muldoon

What a pleasure it is to receive a rave review! Snow did me that great honor today with her review of Rue the Day. This is the beginning of her review:

"Ever wish you could be transported to another time and place?
"Rue The Day" The Undercover Heir book I is the book for you!"

This amazing story will take you to a world like no other. Places you'd only dream about visiting. Love someone fiercely. The character's come to life in your hands and mind as you read through to the end.

Time travel with the most vivid characters you will ever meet in "Rue The Day" You'll be glad you did.

10 out of 10 snowflakes"
Thank you so much, Snow!
SNow interviews me December 27, 2007 as well.
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I asked Snow, "What about the book that made you feel you were there?"

and she answered:

"I'm so happy that you're please with the review. I meant every word of it. If I had a rate system I would say (10) Ten snowflakes, for sure!"The realism of the characters and the detail through out the book. I could see and feel everything they were going through. Like I was actually there watching it play out in front of me.This was really an amazing book. And that's coming from a picky reader.snow :-)

Check out excerpts of Rue the Day on my website.

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