Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Four Stars for The Secret Hunter

My historical romance from Wings, The Secret Hunter, has received 4 stars in the December issue of Romantic Times BookReviews! Whoo-hoo!

Here is a quote: "Saville's romp is intriguing, with amusing characters....although the sexual content is mild, the sensuality is on the mark, and the villain's identity is up for grabs almost to the end of the book."

I had also received 4 stars from Romantic Times for my Scottish vampire romance Vampire Close: "This is a wonderfully imaginative story with intriguing characters, two romances, a bit of mystery and even some horror."

Both quotes use the word "intriguing." Do you think I can now say that Romantic Times finds me intriguing?

No, probably not.

But I like to think that, quietly, to myself. :)

- Susanne Saville
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