Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello everyone,

I was thrilled when my November release, a Hidden Legacy, was announced as the Wings bestseller for the month! A Hidden Legacy is the sequel to my August release, The Cornstalk, which received a Top Pick review from Romance Reader at Heart, four cups from Coffee Time Romance and four corvettes from
As I live in a rural area, I have enjoyed good support from the local folk for my books. I'm continually having people approach me and tell me how much they loved The Cornstalk, and now I'm beginning to get similar feedback for A Hidden Legacy.
The Cornstalk is set in the 1870s in Australia. It is the story of Louise Ashford, whose wealthy parents return to England. Rather than accompany them, she obtains work in the frontier settlements and meets a man from a vastly different background. But her brother finds her, and carries her off to England...
A Hidden Legacy, set in the 1890s, features a young man from England who travels to Australia in search of his birth parents. Matt Jones is a wayward lad, who seems to be accompanied by trouble wherever he goes...
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