Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Small Town Secrets is due out next month. I can't wait to have it available. I think living in a small town most of my life in one area of the country or another has given me a perspective about the nuances of Small Town life. The feeling of family in a community the size of my current home in Amberg, Wisconsin permeates every small town or so it seems. As my grandfather used to say "I don't need to turn on my directional light in a small town. Everyone knows where I'm going by the time of day and the day of the week." I used to laugh and think him a bit eccentric. But, it's true. Little gets by the watchful eyes of small town USA.

I take that atmosphere and play with it in Small Town Secrets. I'm hoping that people will fall in love with Chaneeta Morgan as much as I have. She is a living breathing composite of some of the people who have touched my life in small towns from Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Okalahoma, and many places inbetween.

The twins Taaktu (take two) and Twice Tewsday are modeled after my sister in laws - who just happen to be twins. They are delightful in real life and I hope they have some resemblence to the real people as Small Town Secrets unfolds to my readers.

I'm excited about the release. I've published seven more titles with Wings and each time is like the first. Please watch for Small Town Secrets and some contests and give aways associated with its release.

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