Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank you for inviting me to join. I've been with Wings for some time now and never blogged with them. I write fantasy and find the reality of today far too convoluted for a sane person. I speak of stupid commercials on the TV that either mock family values or present disturbing images. For instance, a commercial for a cell phone company. In this the father presents each of the members of his family with a cell phone, telling them they are his number one. After he's lied to each of them he proceeds to walk out of the house and says, "Saving the best for numero uno," meaning himself. Where and when did living become only focus on self? The best commercial is one also a cell company that has the father on a business trip, opening his brief case he finds his daughters toy monkey. Using the phone he takes pictures of the monkey posed in several images, finally he sends a picture of the monkey in front of their house. The child rushes to see her daddy and he sweeps her up in his arms. That's what a daddy should be.


Anonymous said...

I agree
that is a very nice touching commercial of a father finding this daughter's monkey in his briefcase.
I am actually trying to find out where to purchase that monkey

Rhobin said...

Hi Dee
Yes. That numero-uno commercial drives me mad for the same reason. There are many commericals out there proclaiming it is okay to
lie to your spouse, your family, to get yourself out of a tight spot or into a good one. I'm sure we've all done it, but it doesn't make it right to promote it as a lifestyle.