Thursday, February 07, 2008


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5 out of 5 Pawprints

A romantic suspense mired in the bog of deceit. A true chronicling of the damage done by lies. The author shows the pain and suffering inflicted by people who fail to realize keeping secrets causes damage, both to the liar and to the lied to. A young woman with a uniformed past tries to find the father she believed abandoned her when she was a child. Katelynn Dobbs returns to the town of Comstock expecting to find her father. What she finds is a love she thought not returned and a web of lies that entraps everyone in the little backwater town. In Legacy of Lies Ms. Christiansen sustains the sexual and suspense tension throughout the book to the very last line. Fans of both mystery and romance will enjoy this tale.
Cindy A. Christiansen
Success is measured by our willingness
to share our souls with others.
Legacy of Lies – May 2008
The Royal Pain – July 2008

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