Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Excerpt from Shardai, a YA Cat Fantasy

“You run a risk, my friend,” Ramses the elder said, his glowing gold eyes troubled.

Shardai swept out his paw. “Look around you. Do you think I want to leave all this? She would do it for me. I have no choice.”

Ramses sighed from deep in his golden belly.

Shardai admired the council leader’s regal golden-brown, black-flecked fur. His ancestors had served the kings and queens of Egypt and had been mummified with them when the rulers passed on.

Shardai grimaced--maybe there were worse deaths than being put down by a vet. Ramses’s deep voice cut through Shardai’s thoughts and drew him back to the present.

“We will put it to a vote. All those in favor of allowing Shardai to return, raise your right paw.”

Four paws shot up. Nefret’s, Lolita’s, Luna’s and Frodo’s stayed flat on the table.

Shardai felt his muscles tighten, as he looked at Ramses. He was so close. He had to get back to his beloved mistress.

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