Monday, February 04, 2008

Book Covers

Book covers are such a big part of our books.

When Richard Stroud designed this cover for my upcoming release in June, I was so stoked. I LOVE it! It is everything I wanted it to be.
But what do readers and authors like on their covers? What are the authors trying to portray with their covers? What are readers seeing when they study the cover? Are we really getting the idea - or an idea - of the story to our readers through our covers? Or are we going with what is considered popular for covers?
In regards to digital artwork, which is seen on most small press books now, there has been tremendous improvement (check out my cover LOL). I think digital artwork has improved since the early days.
What are some of the best digital artwork covers we've seen? What covers have really protrayed the stories?
I'm curious to know!
Angela Verdenius


Sandra Cox said...

Love the cover, Angela.
I agree they are very important. Until a reader is personally familiar with our work, its the cover and blurb that sells or doesn't sell:)

Cindy A Christiansen said...

A book cover is extremely important. It grabs the reader's eye. Layout, composition, color, content, everything is so important. I was so thrilled with how my cover turned out for my first book, Legacy of Lies, that I requested the same artist on my next book, The Royal Pain. The artist was...(you guessed it, Anglea) Richard Stroud!! He's very good.

Word Crafter said...

I can only heap more compliments on Richard Stroud for his excellent covers - Small Town Secrets, my January release is also one of his covers - the man is a master at taking the authors concept and finding the essence of it and breathing it onto the page, the cover. The all important cover. Yes, digital covers have come a long way Angela, but it takes the artist to really make it happen.