Monday, February 04, 2008

I have been nominated in the Romantic Futuristic category for Heart of a Peacekeeper!
I am so excited, I'll admit it.
Interestingly, someone asked me why I was so excited at being nominated, when I didn't even know if I'd win.
Well, I can answer that. It's because being nominated means that someone read my book and loved it enough to think it warrented being nominated. Someone LOVED my book. I write in the hope that the stories I love to create, will be stories that someone loves to read. If I've brought them so much enjoyment that they consider it good enough to nominate, that is a winner for me already.
The relationship between authors and readers is special. One creates, the other enters their world. Without one, the other would have a hard time of it LOL. I create my worlds and characters to share with like-minded readers.
So yes, I'm stoked at being nominated, and to those who nominated me (I don't know who you are, but I'm beaming towards you anyway!) thank you so much! I am STOKED!
And if anyone wants to vote for me, or for anyone else in the numerous sections, go here:
Angela Verdenius


Rhobin said...

Congratulations, Angela!!

Sandra Cox said...

Good job, Angela! Way to go!