Tuesday, March 25, 2008

April is Fast Approaching

And we'll have new releases, new interviews, new excerpts posted on the Wings Web site before you know it. Here is a sneak peak at The Ghost Music of Vaudeville - by Billie A Williams.

The Keith Theatre is a community landmark and has been for more years then Charlie can count. Why would Damien Callistrari who professes to be a patron of the arts and a huge contributor to that cause be ready to bulldoze the theatre down? And why depose all the residents who still hear the echoes of the vaudeville shows from the past in her walls. Will Piano Man, his young friend Tommy, Charlie Wolfe and perhaps a little bit of help from Roberto Calistrari be enough to stop the senior Callistrari and save the theatre and the lives of those hanging in the balance?

Murder, kidnapping, black mail, and more await you in the pages of the second in the Music Series. [Skull Music, released June of 2005 was the first. these are stand alone books - watch for more soon]

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