Friday, March 21, 2008

Marketing and Promo tip Jerry Simmons

New Cover for my first book Death by Candlelight which brings me to a tip I received in an email from


If you are prolific in your writing and have multiple books in print, you need to consider adding a chapter of your previous book, or books, in the back of your new book. You need to promote your previous titles on the back cover of your new title. Include a cover image, ISBN, and price. If you’re not promoting your backlist then you’re losing a great opportunity. It doesn’t matter if they are written for a different category, as long as they are all written by the same author. Don’t miss out! Jerry Simmons
An idea whose time has come perhaps - as we see more an more New York Authors using this idea. I have heard some negative points, such as readers pick up that book and begin reading it and assume they have already read it because they read the first chapter in one of your newer books.

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Rhobin said...

Love the new cover.