Friday, May 02, 2008

Pugs Rule at Romantic Times

I attended the Romantic Times Expo and Book-signing on Wednesday April 16 in Pittsburgh. And I'm just now posting about it, you ask? Well, no, I did post about it elsewhere. But then I thought I should post here too because my favorite moment of the entire Romantic Times Convention occurred because of my Wings novel, The Secret Hunter.

The Expo was really busy for the entire two hours which it lasted. I was impressed by the turnout. And I was blown away by the fact that I actually met complete strangers who knew my work! I even had a reader recount a scene I had written!

Okay, here I am, sitting at my place behind the long signing table, when who should come walking along the aisle but the extremely classy and talented Mary Balogh. Can we say giddy? Can we say excitement? I have been reading her work for years!

So it was a total fan-girl moment for me when she came over to my table. She remarked on how she loved the cover. Kudos to the Wings Art Department and Go Pugs!! She turned it over to read the blurb - and saw my heroine is Welsh.


She has since said that she is finding it a "fun" read.

Is that spectacular or what? I would have been pleased if she had said, "well, it's not entirely rubbish." All I want to be is fun. I'm ever so chuffed to have succeeded.

And that is how Mary Balogh not only made the convention extra-special for me, she made my year.
UPDATE: The Secret Hunter is a Finalist in the Desert Rose RWA 2008 Golden Quill contest in the Regency category!!!!

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