Saturday, May 03, 2008

When the Ocotillo Bloom - promotion

My first novel, When the Ocotillo Bloom, has been out just over a year now. I've had a great time promoting. In April 2007 I went to the Texas Mountain Trail Writers Retreat in Alpine, TX. While there I sold a couple of copies but more importantly I sold 10 copies to a local bookstore, 6 copies to a hotel gift shop in Fort Davis, and 8 copies to a gift shop in Fort Stockton. I also donated copies to 5 libraries and had a book signing at one. Now, these sales will not put me on the best seller list, nor did I make big bucks, but it opened doors for future books and those placed in the library got my name out there.

My husband is a shriner and while at a shooting competition in North Dallas we met friends from Brownwood. I'd donated a copy to the Brownwood library and one of our friends had read my book. He'd brought it home and asked his wife, "Is this our Linda LaRoque?" As a result, I sold 3 copies while at the shoot.

Sales are fewer now, but I still keep books in my car in case. And, it's never too late to promote. It's even possible to begin the promotion process again. It's been a wonderful year. Thank you Wings for making it possible.
If you haven't read When the Ocotillo Bloom, check it out at my website at


Historical Writer/Editor said...

It was an entertaining story!

Linda LaRoque said...

Thanks, glad you liked it.


Jeannine said...

Just the title alone made me want to read the book. I love Ocotillos in bloom.