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Flight of Dreams January 2011

January 2011
Wings ePress
Yes, the Flight has been ressurected. Filled with action, suspense and emotional tension, Wings ePress has six excellent selections for you this month.
Wings celebrates ten years as a publisher of electronic books this year. Much has changed in this past decade in the electronic publishing industry, but enjoyment of a good story never changes. To help celebrate, each newsletter will offer a fun contest. Remember to visit the Wings site for excerpts, and while there check out the free short stories, and the sister publisher, Crimson Moth, for spicier romance stories.

A Woman’s Story By Alicia Holland, 302 pages, cover by Trisha FitzGerald, Contemporary Romance.
Torn between wild-cat oil operator Will Evans, a childhood lover who has returned in her life, and current lover yaughtsman John Dunesne, cellist Kim Chalmers is forced to grow up fast and make a decision that will determine her future happiness.

 Best Man by Karen Hudgins, 383 pages, cover by Dara England, Contemporary Romance.
After a polo accident a wedding couture designer tangles with her client’s Best Man, a vintner and polo player, who ultimately becomes her best man for life. 

 Best Served Cold by A. W. Lambert, 411 pages, cover by Pat Evens, Suspense-Thriller.
Anonymous, threatening telephone calls prompt Theo Stern to ask the question: genuine or just a crank? The answer becomes clear when Annie, Stern’s wife, is abducted and the terrifying demands begin.

 Duo of Opposites by Lynette Hall Hampton, 398 Pages, cover by Trisha FitzGerald, Contemporary Romance.
Duo of Opposites is a finely crafted novel reflecting the effects of judgmental thinking on overtly rational and reasonable people of varying social and cultural backgrounds

Sedition by A. J. Maguire, 473 pages, cover by Richard Stroud. Fantasy.
Thrust chest deep into the politics surrounding the Kiavana throne, Trenna must scramble to keep Prince Nelek alive as he searches to free his mother.

 Shattered Soul by Angela Verdenius, 463 pages, cover by Richard Stroud, Futuristic/Sci-Fi Romance.
Dark mysticism dragged her from death, her shattered soul burns with dark power and malevolence.  Demons, darkness and The Overlord’s right-hand man…who can she trust?

CONTEST. Prize: Your choice of any ebook listed on Wings.  One of the authors showcased this month is a military brat born in Japan. Which author is it? Find the answer at Wings . Email me at rhobinlee at with the answer and the ebook you would like to win.

Enrich your life with a good story!

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