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February Flight of Dreams

February 2011
Wings ePress New Releases

Wings celebrates ten years as a publisher of electronic books this year. Much has changed in this past decade in the electronic publishing industry, but enjoyment of a good story never changes. To help celebrate, each newsletter will offer a fun contest. Remember to visit the Wings site for exerpts, and while there, check out the free short stories, and the sister publisher, Crimson Moth, for spicier romance stories.
A Ghost Town Vampire by Jane Senese
Paranormal Romance
Cover art by Erin Roberts
Poverty has driven Charlotte “Charlie” Gardiner to a dusty mining town in the Sierra Nevada, but she soon finds herself drawn to the local deputy. Connor Franklin is handsome, charming, and not a little mysterious. But when she agrees to a hasty marriage Charlie soon learns that her new husband’s many secrets include a taste for her blood…

Another Part of the Forest by Dorothy Bodoin
Cozy Mystery
Cover by Pat Evans
A hot air balloon, lost children in the woods, and a collie litter with a supposed curse on it draw Jennet Ferguson into a deadly confrontation.
When the passengers in a crashed hot air balloon disappear, Jennet Ferguson tries to find two missing children who were kidnapped by the mysterious Johnston Holliday. Soon afterward, a young girl begs Jennet to find the runaway collie puppy she won in a raffle; and a novice collie breeder asks Jennet to help extricate her from a serious puppy mix-up.

Brink by Richard Whitten Barnes
Cover art by Richard Stroud
Ben Posner is at the top of his scientific career when a change in CEOs drastically affects his lifestyle.  Before anyone realizes, Ben is using alcohol to cope with his problems. This downward spiral finds him homeless and eventually rescued by the woman he has secretly loved. Together they begin to patch his life back together, only to face a charge of murder.

Death of the Apocalypse by Joel Goulet
Cover art by Richard Stroud
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse make a disturbing appearance in New York City. The Horseman Death breaks away and unleashes havoc on the city. A police lieutenant and sergeant work to track down Death, while not completely sure of what it is they are looking for. Death leaves a gruesome trail of headless corpses. The three remaining Horsemen pay a not-so-friendly late night visit to a writer and order him to return Death to their company. There’s one small problem for the writer. If he returns Death, the writer may have to die...again. 

Fairytale by Therese Kinkaide
Cover by Pat Evans, Photo by: Jim Broemmer
Caroline Wolfe is in a race against time to remember who she is, the accident that left her in a coma and the people who claim they want to help her.
With the help of a woman who claims she was her college roommate, Caroline must find the past she is certain was taken from her before her future is taken too.
The Castle of Chadwick by Corine MacIntosh
Young Adult
Cover art by Pat Evans
Ernie Chadwick is a bookish sixteen year old and not the adventurous type. He was named after a 16th century uncle, King Ernest Chadwick. Legend spoke that the King never really died after a gypsy foretold his doom. A night of celebration ended with the King’s youngest son murdering his elder brother, to claim the title as heir to the throne. Hence! The King vowed to live forever, thus denying his younger son the throne.
Whilst Chadwick sleeps in the sixteenth century, unaware to Ernie in the present world, he is the one born into the Chadwick bloodline with the flame-red hair. Only he can turn back time and break the Chadwick curse as his destiny in life is to slay the dragon. But the timid teen cannot kill a mouse, let alone a dragon. Can Ernie reverse history? And can one princess’s love for him convince him to honor his duty to the Chadwick family, past and present?

Tomorrow Never Comes by Vera Berry Burrows
Cover art by Trisha FitzGerald
Marriage, a new home and a new baby, Joel Thomas, all make up a perfect life for Nell Winston until suddenly her husband is no longer there and she turns into a woman possessed of compulsion to rule her son. Her strength is drawn from her unwavering sense to control until the young Joel decides to make a stand against her. Her domineering, self-absorption, along with egotistical stubbornness, takes her into a life that becomes her worst nightmare.
Joel’s apparently selfish show of independence leads him along an extremely rocky road to eventual success in the Swinging 60’s and with a complete reversal of roles, he takes charge of his mother’s life. Will the new start in a different country bring the fulfillment they are both seeking?

Last Month’s contest: Sue H won a copy of Jeannine Van Epren’s Gigilo. Jeannine has very graciously donated a download copy. Check out her web page.
THIS MONTH’S CONTEST. Prize: Your choice of any ebook listed on Wings.
Which one of the authors showcased this month has the most books placed with Wings ePress? Email me at rhobinlee at with the answer and the ebook you would like to win.

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