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March Flight of Dreams

March 2011 Wings ePress New Releases
 March is a month of change. We all look forward to spring’s arrival. Here are the month’s arrival to Wings.

A Betrayal of Butterflies by David Toft
Cover art by Richard Stroud
Only one person wants Gordon Aldridge to succeed in his mission of bloody revenge, and Gordon’s ultimate survival is the last priority on that person’s agenda.

Standing Room Only by Megan Colombo
Contemporary Romance
Cover by Pat Evans
Natalie Goodman was a typical teenager, until she was in a horrific car accident that left her stunned, and in a wheelchair. Struggling to find her footing again, Natalie fights to come to terms with her injury and find a way to achieve normalcy in her life.
Jayden Hurst is a young man on the verge of trouble. As the story begins, he finds himself with community hours that need to be served and a bad boy reputation that needs to be sustained.
Natalie and Jayden meet and their journey together brings them both back from the edge of despair. With the good comes much bad though, and they’re both left wondering if it’s really worth the effort to be together.

Devil Eyes by Prudence Foster
Cover art by Scott Shamblin
At a luxury resort on a remote key off Florida’s Gulf coast, guests, staff and townspeople people are threatened by the spirits of a deranged French au pair and her Seminole lover. . . a conflict brought into focus through the eyes of a child, an albino Indian and an antique toy — a stereopticon.

Jig of Bones by Donna H Parker
Cozy Mystery
Cover by Pat Evans, original photo of violin by Neal B. Parker
Constancy always dreamed of celebrating Christmas surrounded by a large family.  She's thrilled for the opportunity to savor the holiday with her newly-found relatives in South Dakota, but a gang of fossil rustlers and the secrets of a missing shepherd may turn Constancy's long-awaited dream into nightmare.
July Heat by Billie A. Williams
Cover art by Richard Stroud
"What you don't know can't hurt you." Truth or lies? In the smoldering heat of July, dangerous and unpredictable weather, unpredictable, dangerous, and irrational human behavior explodes Delta's small town peace and tranquility. "Can what I don't know kill me?" Judy fears it might.

Misadventure by Kev Richardson
Cover art by Jinger Heaston
Even the best made plans of seasoned traveller Brogan, can come unstuck in South America. Many erupt into chaos, become spine-chilling adventures.
They hadn’t counted on FARC taking hostages - he must move mountains to get help.
Peru erupts in revolution – train travel over the Altiplano – a car-chase across Paraguay – the Missiones and Iguazu.

The Calendar Clan by Lynette Hall Hampton
Romantic Suspense
Cover by Pat Evans
Returning to the family farm to nurse a broken leg, June March expects nothing more than to let her parents pamper her. Then her brother-in-law robs a bank and is killed shortly afterward. Her sister, April, is suspected of the murder and despite the fact that she is on crutches, June feels compelled to help find the real killer.

June’s schoolmate and lifelong nemesis, Wallace Striker is now sheriff of the county. June thinks she’ll find he’s the same bumbling boy he was in school. But as she works with him on the case, she not only finds him good at this job, but to her surprise, she begins to feel physically attracted to the six-foot-two handsome hunk he’s turned into.

Twins by Katherine Pym
Cover by Trisha FitzGerald
London 1661. In this era the old belief that twins cannot be sired by one man still prevails, a superstition which automatically makes the mother of Edgar and Emma Torbet an adulteress. Desperate to protect her children from their violent father she flees, finally settling in London.
Twenty years later, the twins themselves are caught up in a life of turmoil: Edgar embarks on an affair with a married woman, and is forced to strike an ominous agreement with her ailing husband, while Emma, who has been declared the bastard, is forced to marry a widowed gentleman farmer. To her horror Emma discovers he’s not only a penniless gambler, but is also having an affair with his sister-in-law.
In this melancholy tale of heartache and strife, only hope remains – hope and the search for affection.

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