Saturday, December 17, 2011

I'd take a lump of coal

Hey all,

I'm back at it again. Guess this keeps my fingers limber for the story writing stuff, anyway... It appears this year I've been very, very bad as the elves all got together and crafted a doozy of a cold for my present. I've been sick in bed ALL week thanks to the elves. I'm one of the few who refuses to "share" my germs with co-workers knowing what I share will come back to haunt me a month later.

So, as a warning from a VERY bad girl... slow down, have some hot cocoa [with or without fortifications] and enjoy the feel of the season. Listen to hokey Christmas music, you know the kind, Bing Crosby or Perry Como. For you younger Wingers, Google it.

Pull out your books and run a loving hand over them because these are the gifts you've given the public and your family. You've gifted all of us with amazing writing and characters who will live in our memories.

To all the Wingies--Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

C. L. Kraemer

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