Sunday, December 04, 2011

Need help here!

I was noticing how 'loquacious' I seem to be and the truth be told, it's not so. So give me a hand here, folks. If you're not familiar with blogging, try it out here first.

Tell us of the difficulties you're encountering in your new book. Show us how much progress you've made since you first put words to paper. Put down a thought or two of how life is progressing in your part of the world, just keep in touch. Let folks on your Facebook accounts know you have a blog at Wings Authors and invite them to share in the insanity.

If we all invite five people and only two show up--between 300 authors we could amass 600 views. It would be an auspicious start.

Help me out, guys. I'm beginning to hear the echo of my own fingers typing in cyberspace.

C.L. Kraemer


Echo said...

I hear ya' sister!! I've been posting as well in hopes to see others. But, alas... nothing. I was jazzed to hear that we (Wings authors) were going to try and resuscitate the blog; but apart from the 2 of us -- I don't see the interest I had hoped for. Not sure what a the solution could be...

AJMaguire said...

Oh, dear, I imagine I could try to help. I didn't realize it was open.

Rhobin said...

You're right!