Saturday, January 21, 2012

Broken Promises by Nancy Minnis Damato

Encore L'Amour
351 pages
Cover art by Pat Evans
Nancy Minnis Damato's fourth book with Wings ePress

Charlie shuffled a path through the muddled groupings of chairs and tables, his convivial greetings engaging Dylana in the exchanges. She further impeded their progress with her attention repeatedly drifting back to Meredith’s companion. In spite of Dylana’s uneasiness, the stranger prompted admiration. He was athletically built, hinting at constrained energy—a hunk, in her daughter’s vernacular.

Busy greeting well-wishers while cutting among the spectators, and attempting to grab a better look at Meredith’s friend divided Dylana’s attention. When Charlie halted, she flinched. She came near colliding with one of the women who, according to tabloid reports, had shared her ex-husband’s companionship during the past two years, and probably before.

The girl’s presence startled Dylana. She had dismissed the fact Brede would be attending. Actually, she’d plunged the thought somewhere between liver and bowel where anything of that sort belonged. Of course, Meredith would invite her father—no matter the bruising of the divorce.

The narcissistic oaf stood alongside the girl, facing the opposite direction. A buttered knife couldn’t slide between them. Only seconds and he would turn around.

Pull yourself together. Dylana squared her shoulders

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