Thursday, January 26, 2012

Child of the Stars by R. L. Hennessy

374 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud
R.L. Hennessy's first novel with Wings ePress

Child of the Stars is a uniquely visionary, science fiction, adventure novel set in the far future where humanity has become a civilization highly dependent on the miracles of technology.

Conflict, adventure, imaginative landscapes, and distinctive societies, along with a surprise ending, will constantly dazzle and delight the reader as he or she travels through the galaxy right along with the main characters in this farsighted and thought-provoking novel.

What are your intentions?” Professor Baron asked abruptly.

“My immediate intentions are to free the people on Lakomiya Beta from uncounted centuries of political repression, unjust imprisonments, and executions without trial or charge. We want to restore human dignity, human rights, and a government controlled not by military, industrial, or financial interests, but by a doctrine based on this principle: ‘to the many shall go the most.’ Ultimately, we want to install a government in which the fulfillment of common needs is the first and only priority. We want to stop the systematic extraction of our planet’s resources by the industrial captains and their puppet government for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many. You need to recognize that the elitist, ruling class of Lakomiya Alpha has created a society that does not deserve to survive—because it continues to disregard nature, compassion, and the needs of the vast majority of its citizens. You marvel at the crystalline beauty of the Lakomiya Alpha capital. Now, I tell you that the city is not built with jewels or with the marvels of invention, but it is built with blood—the blood, toil, and untold misery endured by the people of Lakomiya Beta. So, I ask you. Is the city still as beautiful? Do its garden flowers still smell as sweet? Are its people still as gracious—as civilized?”

“And you were elec—?” Professor Baron tried to ask before being cut unceremoniously short.

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