Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ishtal by David Toft

278 pages
cover art by: Richard Stroud
David Toft's sixth book with Wings ePress

When hard drinking social misfit Stephen falls in love with a shapeshifter it could be the fulfillment of his wildest dreams. It could be the beginning of his worst nightmare…It could be the end of the world.

He spotted the crows again, skimming low over the grass. They settled fifty yards away to his front and left. He angled to the right so as not to get too close to them. They took wing again, forcing him into a tighter turn. They were herding him as a collie would herd sheep. He could run straight at them. That probably wasn’t a good idea. Neither was going where they wanted him to. He couldn’t run forever though, or even for many more minutes. The next time they landed, he didn’t change course. He stopped before he reached them, and dropped to his knees. He didn’t have enough energy left for flight or fight. He raised his head, his chest heaving and his breathing ragged. Twelve slobbering hounds spread out to encircle him from the spot on which the crows had landed. The one immediately to his front shimmered and became human. Tall, silver-haired and sharp-featured, his tailored, grey business suit looked odd against the backdrop of the grassy plain.

“You will follow me,” he said, turned and strode off up the gentle slope.

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