Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tough Luck by Catherine A. Winn

Young Adult
171 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud
Catherine A. Winn's first book with Wings ePress

Against her will, Annie is sent to Wentworth Academy for the summer where her roommate becomes the target of a vicious stalker. When the meanest girl in school tags her as Attacker Annie, she sets out to clear her name, but it may be the biggest mistake of her life.

Annie pulled out the rubber band, stored it on her wrist and shook her head to loosen her hair as she went downstairs. A quick look at the coat rack told her Mindy was already gone. Her hat still hung on the hook to dry. Annie grabbed her coat and headed for the Fine Arts Center. She kept to the sidewalk but, even so, she had to sidestep debris and hop over puddles so she wouldn’t have to dry out another pair of shoes.

A light rain began to fall. Annie pulled up her hood and sprinted. Right outside the dining hall, she came to a dead stop. Something was lying in the bushes. She moved closer to get a better look. Hidden by overgrown shrubs, someone in a pink raincoat, lay face down in the wet grass. Blood matted the back of her curly blonde hair.

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