Friday, February 10, 2012

Mole Smith and the Diamond Studded Pistol by Paddy Bostock

426 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud
Paddy Bostock's first novel with Wings ePress

Tricked into believing he is to be accused of a murder he hasn’t committed, PI gofer Mole Smith is inveigled into the search for an ancient order and its famous diamond-studded pistol. What Mole doesn’t know, as he undertakes the quest with his partner Oksana, is what powers lurk behind the scenes.

The massage was really okay—it was. This time Oksana had only displaced two of my vertebrae, meaning that I used my good arm to steer the car while leaning the impossibly limp one on the center rest.

She really didn’t mean any harm performing these therapeutic massages; it was one of the ways she showed her affection for me. It’s just that her martial arts skills came inexorably into play as a matter of course, a fact I sometimes pointedly reminded her during our early-morning pillow talk. Her way of dealing with my unrest in this area was to smile in that winsome way of hers, run her fingers through her silky ash-blonde hair and, in the end, shrug a bit.

Right now I wish I could shrug as well. But every time I tried, my left shoulder locked up, shooting pain all the way down to my coccyx. It was an unpleasant sensation as the car swerved to the pitch and yaw of the road.

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