Saturday, May 05, 2012

Energy by Doc Carson

Action Thriller
Cover art by Pat Evans
Ebook or print; 400 pages
What would happen if energy suddenly became free, clean and inexhaustible? The answers may be surprising. It speaks to our wistful sense of escapism from the crushing effects of environmental catastrophe and the inevitability of the economic status quo with a revolutionary ‘magic pill’, but is it really worth it?

A shadow darted over them, across the road, and shot out onto the lake: a helicopter, a very low helicopter. It came into view for a second through the low, narrow windshield. Their field of vision was too restricted to see the chopper when above them, but they could hear its shrill turbojet engines whistle and the distinctive clapping from the rotor blades. It flew ahead on a straightaway, then spun a hundred and eighty degrees facing them, the menacing rotor disc angled their way as they raced forward. It hovered only a few feet off the ground. Car and copter moved directly at each other with closing speeds in excess of a hundred mph. Richard pumped the brakes, swerved left, right and left again.

They dodged the helicopter, but clearly saw a man aiming a rifle leaning out the left door. Star-patterned sparks erupted from the muzzle. Bullets tore the road’s shoulder, rapidly spewing gravel in a straight line. It was an automatic weapon, Richard realized, and he reopened the throttle and dumped the high octane gasoline into the fuel system. Again, Enzo Ferrari’s creation answered without hesitation, bolting them under the helicopter. Ninety seconds later at that speed, they had reached the outskirts of Mandello del Lario, a modest sized town, but with enough activity and population that their pursuing goblins disappeared.

“My God, they tried to kill us!” Dorothy panted.

Richard, ice cool, turned slightly to her, “It appears so.”

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