Sunday, May 20, 2012

Las Vegas Dead by Jim Daddio

An Art Decco PI Mystery
Cover art by: Pat Evans
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Ebook, 305 pages
Art Decco, a well-published private detective just received an assignment from his boss to find a runaway seventeen-year-old girl. Her name is Danielle Augusta. But she is no ordinary teenager. Known around the world as ‘Dani’ she is hottest supermodel associated with hundreds of products from New York to Rome. Art tracks her to Las Vegas and meets up with a bunch of crazies who would love to have ‘Dani’ and Art Las Vegas Dead.


“You know, Javier, I’ve always trusted you and your partners. Everybody makes a lot of cash on these deals. Let’s make this one run as smoothly as the others.”

“I see no”

“It’s that we’re talking about a lot of cash here, that’s all. I’m trusting you to deliver the goods.”

“Just like before.” Javier hung up.

Dani grabbed the composite and ran back down the stairs. When she reached the bottom of the stairs she noticed the door to the study hadn’t closed all the way. She walked over and reached for the doorknob and heard her father’s voice.

“Junior, it’s your dad. It’s all set for Friday. At the Country Club. I’m going for a big score this time. Half a heard me...half a mil. So, invite that friend of yours...Ed. I want to make sure we don’t get screwed. I don’t have a clue how many kilos of cocaine half a mil buys...”

The word cocaine hit Danielle square between eyes, like a punch from a heavyweight fighter. She stumbled backward, and slammed against the doorframe. She could feel her breath leave her body and struggled to keep from calling out. More words came from her father. 

“We’re not handling any grass. Just coke. We should be able to turn this into two, maybe three times that much. And tell your asshole buddies, they’ll make a ton of cash this time. I need you out there selling it all very quickly. It’s been awhile since the last time we scored, so the buyers will be ready...fucking users, that is.”

Again Danielle almost lost her balance, this time using her hands to brace herself against the wall. Her mind raced like blustery winds on a stormy night. Her father and brother bought and sold drugs? It couldn’t be true. It sounded like her father bought the drugs and her brother, Anthony Junior and his friends, sold the drugs at school.

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