Thursday, May 24, 2012

No Time for Goodbye by Mary Jean Kelso

Young Adult
Cover art by: Richard Stroud
Ebook or print, 181 pages.
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Lynne Garrett returns to Virginia City, Nevada, to be in a friend’s wedding expecting a simple, quiet ceremony set amidst the charm and antiquity of the famous old mining town. Instead, the wedding plans and a life are threatened.


“You don’t understand,” Frank began, but before he could explain Tony sprinted away from the ranger.

“Hey, wait! Stop him!” Frank looked beseechingly at the ranger. “He’s the one causing the trouble. Are you just going to let him get away like that?” Frank was getting angry. “Darn it! He was attacking me. I’m the innocent party here,” he spurted in exasperation.

“Call the Virginia City Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Jake Potter’s my fiancée’s father. He should have a Missing Person’s Report out on me by now,” Frank stated.

Frank rubbed his sleeve across his forehead smearing sweat and dirt as he tried to convince the ranger to check.

“Sorry, there aren’t any phones out here. I’ll radio for a phone patch from the emergency radio in my truck. If you’re telling the truth, I’ll get a report to the other rangers up the valley to watch for them.”

They walked to the ranger’s pickup outside his office. He radioed a dispatcher and asked for a relay to Sheriff Potter’s office. As they waited, the ranger sat with the door of the truck swung open. Frank leaned against the cab, resting and listening to the two-way conversation.

The ranger turned back to Frank and apologized, “Sorry I let him get away. I thought you were the one causing the trouble.”

“Thanks for your help, anyway. Guess it would be kind of hard to tell just who started the squabble,” Frank grimaced.

“I’m sure you can understand. When people started complaining about the way you guys were running into them, I came looking and that’s how I found the two of you. How was I to know who was right and who was wrong?”

“Sure,” Frank agreed reluctantly, trying to mask his disappointment at losing Tony.

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