Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Erika and the Mysterious Mr. Lagren by JoEllen Conger

Paranormal, ebook & print
Cover art by Richard Stroud
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Erika Laughton-Paston has recently moved into her own townhouse, against her parents' wishes. There, her life begins to change even more dramatically than she could ever have imagined. Her paranormal dreams lead her into a lover's madcap existence: a relationship with a wicked black tomcat, and a phantom lover…never considering that one day her pretend world must surely come to an end.

She had no idea how long she stood transfixed by the unblinking orbs before her terror began to diminish. Forcing herself to take several slow breaths to steady her nerves, it finally occurred to her that the evil-looking orbs surely must be the eyes of an animal trying to get in out of the downpour. Her laughter sounded weak even to her own ears.

Erika climbed the stairs hesitantly and set the coffee pot down on the small table at the head of the stairs. The demon eyes continued to stare in at her. In spite of her fright she was drawn toward the glass door. Cautiously she reached out to unsnap the lock of the slider. The odor of ozone was so strong her nostrils flared. Steeling herself, she bravely slid open the door. She didn't quite know what to expect. Without further invitation, an enormous black cat stepped confidently onto the landing carpet, knitting its paws.

See? she admonished herself, there was nothing to be afraid of. It's only a cat! Erika leaned against the doorjamb, feeling the damp chill of the night. She sighed in relief. "How in the world did you get up to my deck?" she asked the cat as though it could answer.

"R-rr-owell," the cat answered, winking up at her. He seemed unperturbed by the water dripping from his fur onto the carpet.

Erika closed the deck door quickly to keep out the rain sheeting down the glass and hurried into the bathroom for a towel.

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