Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Promise Tree by Linda Rettstatt

Encore L'Amour, 306 pages, ebook & print
Cover art by Pat Evans
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Trudi McNeil Sheppard and Wynn Colton have a history that reaches back into their childhood. They were playmates, then dating teens who became lovers until they went their separate ways for college. Thirty years later Trudi and Wynn meet again and the attraction between them quickly rekindles. They both learn that wishes and promises sometimes come true and that love endures and matures.

Wynn steadied himself and wrapped his arms around Trudi. She was so small and fragile. "Hey, it's okay. Tell me what happened."

She clung to him. "I can't take this. I don't know what to do."

"Come here." He guided her to the porch swing and sat beside her, careful to keep an arm around her. "Talk to me."

She leaned her head on his chest and sniffled. "She was clear for a while. We had a nice hour or two. But it's come down to that-a good hour. And the rest…"

He didn't say anything, just continued to rub his hand in soothing circles on her back. He honestly didn't know what to say, and he wasn't certain she needed him to speak.

Trudi continued. "She knows what's happening to her. And she told me to put her into a home."
"She said that?"

Trudi nodded. "I can't do it."

"What will you do?"

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