Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Debts And Druids

By Diana J. Febry
Suspense/Thriller ● 319 pages ● Cover art by Pat Evans
Bob wants to avoid financial ruin at any cost. Tina wants to compete at the Regionals at any cost. Sarah wants to hide her past at any cost. Dick wants to find a new way of life at any cost. But who will pay the highest cost?

Bob didn’t have a clue how everything had got into such a muddle so quickly. He’d tried blaming everybody but himself for the financial mess threatening to destroy him: the banks for allowing him to borrow so much, the credit card companies for encouraging more debts, Tina for seeing him as a cash outlet and Tina’s bloody horses. Now it was all so terribly out of control and getting progressively worse.

Recently he’d shifted blame to a person he’d never met but Tina praised constantly. Duncan. Duncan the wonderful vet who made all Tina’s dreams possible. Without Duncan her horses would not move the way they did. Without Duncan she could never have dreamed of achieving all she had. Bob had developed a deep hatred for this demon called Duncan. He was sick to death of hearing about Duncan, seeing bills from Duncan and watching his money disappearing out of their dwindling account heading in the direction of wonderful, perfect Duncan. Without Duncan, Bob could have had a good night’s sleep and an easy relationship with his bank manager.

Bob didn’t even know if any of his cards would cover the cost of the meal. He had borrowed cash from Dick, just in case. And Dick was yet another worry playing on his mind. Really it was all getting too much to bear. He had to say something now.

“I know it’s your birthday. But I wondered if you’d thought anymore about what we were discussing the other day?”

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