Sunday, September 16, 2012

Follow A Shadow

By Dorothy Bodoin
Cozy Mystery ● 376 pages ● Cover art by Pat Evans
A shadowy intruder haunts Jennet’s woods by night, and a woman who can’t accept the death of her collie asks Jennet to help her find Rainbow Bridge where she believes her dog waits for her.
In the meantime Jennet discovers a picture that suggests her rare bi-black collie belongs to somebody else.

After we ordered the Soup and Sandwich Special, Camille said, “I’m curious, Barbara. What happened to upset you?”

Barbara opened the envelope. Taking out a photograph, she set it on the table in front of Camille. “This happened.”

“It’s Honey.” Camille handed the picture to me.

The collie, a little beauty with a thick honey-golden coat, stood in a narrow country road bordered by autumn-bright trees. Above her, a rainbow arced gracefully in a pale blue sky. There was a sliver of a bridge with lattice work sides in the picture. The dog was looking over her shoulder and up. At the rainbow?

“Well…” Camille paused. “It’s a good picture of Honey. You should have it framed…”

“No,” Barbara said sharply. “I didn’t take this picture. It came in the mail last week.”

“I don’t understand.”

Neither did I. Was Honey still alive on that country road under the rainbow? I turned the picture over. There was no writing on the back.

“Who sent it?” Camille asked.

“I don’t know.” Barbara’s voice trembled. She turned the blue bead bracelet around and around on her wrist as if to find an answer there. “I wish I did. There was no return address on the envelope and no note inside. Nothing. Just this picture of my little girl.”

“But she’s passed on,” Camille said gently. “Didn’t you tell me you stayed with her to the end and how horrible it was for you?”

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