Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Cat Tale

by John Paulits
Young Adult 182 pages
Cover art by Richard Stroud
ISBN 978-1-61309-097-8   $7.50
ISBN 978-1-61309-906-3   $10.95
Hayden and his fellow cats find their way to paradise: TALULA TUPPERMAN’S HOME FOR DISTRESSED FELINES. But Rodney and Stanley, cat kidnappers, are on their trail, and suddenly cats begin to vanish. Can Hayden and his troop put a stop to these mysterious disappearances before they mysteriously vanish, too?
“This really is a wonderful spot. Hi, Pudding,” Timmi meowed, fully intending to enjoy her first moment away from her mother since their arrival.

“If it weren’t for T-Rex and his bunch, it would be perfect,” Pouncie said. “Did I tell you about the great lap I found?”

Timmi and Pouncie chatted, decided on a brief, joyful run, and then walked toward the house, hoping for some wet food. Suddenly, Pouncie stopped and dropped into a hunting pose.

“Timmi, stop. Come here. Sniff. Do you smell it?”

Timmi stopped and turned her head side to side inspecting the odors in the air.

“That’s impossible,” Timmi said softly.

“It’s coming from the house. Let’s go see.”

The two cats crept through the grass, ignoring the other cats clustered around the porch, who also hoped for some wet food.

“It’s getting stronger,” Timmi said softly.

“Let’s not get too close,” Pouncie warned. “This is far enough.”

Both cats lowered themselves to the grass and stared at the porch. Moments later they leaped to their feet, ready to run as Rodney and Stanley came out onto the porch accompanied by the two ladies.

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