Monday, October 01, 2012

Whisper Of Atlantis

By Ross Carnes
Fantasy ● 353 pages ● Cover art by Ross Carnes
Legendary Watchers and Nephilim are the ruling powers in ancient Atlantis. The first humans are called adamen and are the labor force as well as the source of many forbidden luxuries for the supernatural Watchers. 

The patriarch Enoch and his family maintain their allegiance to a higher divinity and work for the freedom of all adamen. Enoch’s grandson, Cush, with the aid of a few sympathetic Nephilim and unlikely allies, defend the residents of a rich, but undeveloped territory desired by two greedy kings.  

For his own evil purpose, the Watcher, Azazel incites these selfish rulers to war with each other, while Cush and his aides find a nonviolent way of protecting the innocent. 


Cush pointed toward the greenish sky above a far hill. A flying black silhouette appeared amid the lightning. When it drew closer, its webbed wings could be seen stroking the misty air, creating swirls in the cloudy vapors. Even from a distance its countenance was fearsome with the head of a bearish demon. Long ears pointed up on either side amid many spiked horns that crowned its furry head. Only a few minutes passed before it had drawn close enough for its roaring to be heard. It saw the little group on the road.

“Good! There is only a single one,” Cush exclaimed. He let his trumpet fall back upon its strap and loudly commanded, “Everyone find a stone, or a stick of wood, or even just a handful of earth.”

The rain stopped. A strong south wind blew and the lightning increased. The flapping of the harpy’s wings could now be distinctly heard. It was drawing closer; its bat-like form blotted out a fourth of the sky above them.

Cush raised his wooden stick high over his head. The others followed his lead; even Helion and Pholos held up a stone with their right hands.

Minoe asked the question everyone wanted to know, “Why are we doing this?”

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